[140905 King Twitter Update]

은비누나 하늘나라에서도 항상건강하고 행복하기를….
부디좋은곳으로 편안하게 쉬어요.
삼가 고인의 명복을빕니다.

Eunbi-noona, always be healthy and happy in heaven too…
Please rest comfortably in a good place.
Rest in peace.

— Translated by Aya @ LC9 Int’l

[140905 J-Hyo Twitter Update]

우리 은비 이제 진짜 떠났어요
이제 더이상 슬퍼하지마세요
많은사람들이 기도해줘서 분명 웃으면서
갔을꺼에요 은비야 하늘에서는 아프지말구
먹고싶은거다먹으면서 항상 행복해야돼!

Our Eunbi has really gone away now.
Please do not be sad any longer.
Many people prayed so you could definitely go with a smile.
Eunbi-ya, now that you’re in heaven, please don’t hurt anymore.
You should always be happy, eating all the things you want to eat!

— Translated by Aya @ LC9 Int’l

Anonymous asked:
J-Hyo already post some picture who in that's picture show a "plant". I wanna ask, what the kind of plant who J-Hyo posted on his Instagram?

His Instagram posts were about recycling papers to grow plants, we don’t know what type of plant it is though.

Anonymous asked:
Do you know if Mnet is going to sub the meet and greet video?

We’re not certain but judging from the past Meet & Greet videos, probably not.

[140904 J-Hyo Twitter Update]

너무착하고이쁜 제친구 은비가 하늘나라로 떠났습니다. 하나님 꼭 은비 좋은곳으로가서 행복하게해주세요.

My very nice and pretty friend Eunbi has gone to heaven. Please God, send Eunbi to a good place where she can truly be happy.

— Translated by Aya @ LC9 Int’l