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[140722 Official Twitter Update]

실시간 녹음 현장 사진 pic2!  

LC9 오빠들은 과연 어떤 곡을 녹음하고 있을까요? #EOE 

Real-time recording scene picture pic2! What kind of song are the LC9 oppa’s recording? #EOE

— Translated by Aya @ LC9 Int’l

[140722 Official Twitter Update]

실시간 녹음 현장 사진!

LC9 오빠들은 과연 어떤 곡을 녹음하고 있을까요? #EOE

Real-time recording scene picture!  What kind of song are the LC9 oppa’s recording? #EOE

— Translated by Aya @ LC9 Int’l

[140722 Ao Twitter Update]


Kkuru Kkuruk!!!!!!!!!♡3♡

— Translated by Aya @ LC9 Int’l

[140719 Luv Letter from King]

모두들사랑사랑해요 오늘하루도너무힘들엇어요 …

춤추는건힘들어 ㅠㅠ 난노래가좋아아아아 

그래도 힘내서열심히하는즁~~:)

Everyone I love love you. Today was also very difficult…

Dancing is difficult ㅠㅠ I like singingggg

Nevertheless I am working hard with my strength~~:)

— Translated by Aya @ LC9 Int’l

[Project] LC9, Welcome Back!

A project for LC9’s comeback!

In collaboration with Twitter user @nbfyf, (Tiana, admin of the Russian Lunafly fanbase) we invite all Love Beats to take a part in this video project “LC9, Welcome Back!” Let’s show the boys our love and support for their comeback!


We ask that you to take a photo with the following banner (for HQ picture download, click here):


Or, you can make your own banner with the words “LC9, welcome back.” You can decorate it any way you want; use your imagination ^^ Then, we will combine all the photos into a video.



► Please send all pictures to with the subject “LC9” and include your name and country in the email.

Deadline: There is no exact deadline as of right now but we prefer you do it as soon as possible! As soon as Nega Network announces the comeback, the next two days will be the last days since we need time to make the video ^^

If you have any questions, you may contact Tiana anytime:

Twitter: @nbfyf

With this video, we hope the boys can see us and can feel our support and the beat of our hearts ♥

J-HYO & KING Cover Of Talking to the moon

J-HYO & KING Cover of Talking to the moon Trailer

  Anonymous said:
who are the biases for the admins?

admin strawberri is King biased, admin Kat is J-Hyo biased, admin Darkicks is undecided, admin Aya is Jun biased and admin Morgan biases Ao!

  Anonymous said:
hello !!! :> i just wanted to say thaNK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS ARE REALLY REALLY THE BEST Ohmfng thank you, you all do an amazing job :A:

No problem!

[140712 J-Hyo Twitter Update]

집 도착하자마자 엄마가해주신 샤브샤브~~~~맛있수다

Something my mom made as soon as I arrived home

Translated by Darkick @ LC9 Int’l

(Source: lc9intl)

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